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David Read, PMP
Montreal, Quebec

We’ve come along ways baby!

The practice of the 'Rest Area' commonly found on the highways and byways has now gone virtual. Welcome to the Rest Area. This exciting innovation is revolutionizing how people are using the Internet information highway.

Turnover Web 2.0! There is a new kid on the block >> Introducing Web 3.0!

But wait, that is not all! The team has also harnessed the power of One Click technology.

How does this differ from where I was 20 seconds ago?

(1) First off, one word – ‘rest area.’

(2) Second, the other sites offer social interaction, current events, downloadable goodies and services. But is in a class of its own. Parcx offers a chance to get off the Information highway and rest!

(3) One Click technology allows users a simple, safe and free way to move within the site. is the first website where visitors can visit, hassle free. No committement, no content, no regular updates. Visitors are welcome to browse and linger as long as they want. Take a break at this officially designated rest area along the Information Highway.

The site will never:

  • share your personal information without consent
  • store your credit card information electronically
  • email you questionable images of dancing babies, jumping cats or super sized pumpkins
  • place cookies or any other dessert items on, under or next to your computer
  • alert you that your hard drive is too small
  • attempt to chat you up while surfing offers every visitor One Click technology, everytime, anywhere - 24/7!

Enjoy your stay. Leave the site pristine and untouched for the next visitor.

Thank you – The Management

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